Monday, 27 February 2012

Finished Poster...

This is my finished advertising poster and I have worked on the elements that needed to be worked on according to my feedback. My advertising poster has similar themes to my digipak, in regards to the colour, the logo and the images used. I put studs on the sides of the poster as it links to the band name and also makes the poster look a bit more edgy. I have included a release date, which is Valentine's Day because the songs the band are releasing are associated with love, thus linking to the release date. Also, I have featured where our audience can buy/download our album from, as well as featuring the band's website so that individuals can find out more information about the band. I included quotes from magazines/music networks to influence people to buy the album and it also lays an emphasis on how good the album is.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Production Journal...EDITING!

Due to the feedback that we got from our class on Monday, we have decided to add some elements to it. Which is shown from the screen shots below. We decided to shorten the green screen scene where the members are holding the boards, as from our feedback some individuals said that it was too long. Also, we added some more shots of Joe, cutting with different segments of the video, particularly when the band members are walking towards the screen which shows they are dominating. In addition to this, we changed some parts of the video that were not in sync as there were times when the band members were singing out of sync with the music. Lastly, we made the whole video itself shorter as most of our media class said that it was too long.